In this course I'm covering EVERYTHING you need to know in order to work with brands you LOVE and actually make a consistent income as a brand photographer.


Brands I've worked with...

Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to up-level your editing skills with specific product retouching techniques using both Lightroom & Photoshop!

Behind The Scenes Tutorials

I'm taking you BTS on still-life studio, model and location shoots and insight into my pre-production process

Business Education

Fill your diary with clients! From contract, brief, and email templates, to workflows, softwares to help you maintain a steady flow of client work

Hey! I'm Amanda!

I'm a commercial brand photographer based in Brisbane. I worked in corporate for 5 years and having been made redundant and fired, I'm finally living my DREAM life shooting for brands and earning WAY more than I was working a 9-5.

In fact, my job has never been more stable working for myself. But I've worked my BUTT off to get here, and I'm going to help YOU do the exact same thing.

This industry can be hard to navigate. There are some things that have taken me months - years to figure out. And I wish I had a mentor when I started.

I can't wait to teach you EVERYTHING I know to help you find success in your photography biz.



  • What camera and lens to buy
  • Lighting 
  • Other equipment you NEED
  • Shooting manual




  • How to plan a still life and location shoot
  • The software you NEED for your pre-production
  • Booking & working with models





  • Water/splash photography
  • Flatlay fundamentals
  • Smear tutorial
  • Floating products
  • Reflecting products
  • Job shadows
  • Posing models on location & in studio
  • Studio lighting
  • Stop motions



  • Beginner & Advanced Lightroom tutorials
  • 12+ Photoshop tutorials specific to product retouching (EDIT LIKE ME!)
  • Retouching reflective products
  • Adding graphics in post
  • Deep etching
  • Job Shadows


  • Pricing calculator
  • How to price up your work
  • Should you show pricing on your website?




  • Website foundations you need
  • Instagram for lead generation
  • The art of pitching
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Facebook groups



  • Contracts
  • How to scale your biz
  • Money mindset
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Creative workflow & systems



  • Email templates for responding to clients, pitching, raising prices, quoting
  • Contract, services guide, media kit template
  • Props & Backgrounds supplier list with links
  • Lightroom presets
  • Model call sheet & release form template

I wish I had someone to ask...

  • How do I price my services?
  • What do I put in my contract?
  • How do I actually book clients? (I legit thought there was some magic formula)
  • How do I achieve this particular type of image? What lighting do I need for it?
  • How do I edit to make my photo look crisp and clean and remove these blue and yellow hues? It's driving me CRAZY!
  • Where do I get that prop from? I've looked EVERYWHERE!
  • How do I attract a higher paying client?
  • How do pitch myself for work and not make it sound salesy?


I've worked ALL these questions out for myself. But it's taken me YEARS! But it doesn't have to take YOU that long...

The transformation you could have by investing in this course:

  • You'll know how to leverage Instagram for lead generation
  • You'll be confident in SELLING your services every single day which will result in more client bookings
  • You understand that in order to MAKE MONEY you need to SPEND money and by investing in your business, you'll increase your income
  • The quality of your work has skyrocketed and you're finally attracting your dream brands to work with you
  • You no longer work for someone else. YOU are your own boss!
  • You feel STABLE in your job because you finally believe in yourself
  • You know the VALUE of your work and if someone can't afford your prices, you don't discount yourself to meet their budget
  • Brands approach YOU to work with them. You rarely need to pitch yourself.
  • If something doesn't feel right, you decide to say NO to a new enquiry. Your time is precious.

...It's time to DO THE WORK and step up to take control of your life, your business and actually achieve EVERYTHING you want! No more excuses...

You'll have lifetime access to the course with all new tutorials being completely accessible to you at no extra cost.



This Facebook group ALONE is worth the price of the course!

This will be a safe space where I will be offering my ongoing support to be there to answer ANY questions you have along your journey as well as to provide further training when I feel my students need it.

There will be questions you need to ask that only another photographer will be able to answer for you. No more trying to figure out the answer for yourself or spending hours googling it.

You'll make friends with other photographers who are in the same space as you to gain feedback on your work or quote before sending it off to a client, to rant to when you have a stressful situation, and to BE THERE to SUPPORT you.

I can't emphasise enough how IMPORTANT it is to build a support network around you.

Who is this course for?


  • You want to finally have consistent income coming in every month
  • You want to work with brands and take photos of their products either in a studio type setting or out on location
  • You want to improve the quality of your work so that your dream brands are approaching you to work with them
  • You want your brand photography business to be your full-time gig
  • You're ready to INVEST in yourself and PUT IN THE WORK
  • You're someone who loves to create content for brands and promote them on Instagram but you don't get paid for it
  • You wish you had someone to ask questions to at ANY point in time about photography and business

Who this course ISN'T for?

  • You're not willing to invest money in yourself or your business. This is a MUST if you plan to create a sustainable and profitable photography business
  • You don't want to put in the work to build connections and create relationships
  • You're not willing to put yourself out there and show up on a consistent basis
  • You don't want to take the time to learn new skills to improve your photography
  • You view other photographers as pure competition and not as a fellow supporter or friend

"Even though I was booking clients and doing well I really feel after purchasing your course it has helped me immensely with being booked out a month in advance! It's really switched my mindset to and I'm forever grateful. Thank you for bringing. out such a wonderful course!"

- Sweeter Social






"Where to even begin. Amanda has given me a new love for online learning. This course is FULL TO THE BRIM of goodness and knowledge that she’s learnt over years. She really doesn’t hold back. It’s professional, it engaging and I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of her and this. What’s more? She just continues to add more and more content to it. It’s like a never ending bar of chocolate that just keeps giving... the dream. Thank you Amanda!"

- The Social Impact



"Amanda has helped me SO much in my photography training before I even signed up for the course. Her constant advice and education she gives to her followers is INCREDIBLE. When I signed up for her course this was just elevated! There is so much value in the course and it has helped me level up my photography in so many ways. As photography isn’t my main job and business focus some of the course isn’t relevant to me, but 90% of it is and this course is worth SO much more than the small investment. If you’re on the fence? DO IT!"

- Blossom Media

The course has seriously changed my life! I can't thank you enough! Words can't explain how much this course has helped me and I'm only half way!! In terms of my skill but also the business side of things, believing in myself and my money mindset. You're bloody unreal!! So grateful for you. 


- Tori Jane Socials

So, are YOU ready to invest in yourself and the future of your business?

All The Tools You Need To Build A Sustainable & Profitable Photography Business


This course is worth its weight in Gold. Amanda is so thorough, thoughtful and willing to share absolutely everything. She has a no BS approach and opens up the doors of her business for her students to learn from. This course has changed the trajectory of my business, I have definitely levelled up my photography skills, but not only that, I have learnt about client communication, marketing, editing, pricing and more. I also love that Amanda has been so willing to answer any and all of my questions. She truly cares about her students and genuinely wants them to succeed. I have already booked 2 clients since implementing Amanda's strategies, and so this course has already paid for itself. I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about pursuing their dream in Brand Photography. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK you, Amanda! I'm so glad I bit the bullet and invested in myself and my business. I wish I could take you out for a celebratory drink! x


Amanda has been monumental in giving me back my confidence to pursue a career as a photographer. I’ve been working in the industry for over 15 years but all too often you’re up against “low/no budget” or TFP shoots so how do you compete with that?! As a result, photography was always a side thing while I worked in corporate doing jobs I felt no connection to. Through Amanda’s course and personal guidance, I’ve learnt to value my skills and talent and that I absolutely CAN and SHOULD charge for my work, how to navigate dealing with difficult clients and when to say no. I’ve also developed the confidence to approach my ideal clients for work. Thank you Amanda! Had we not had that chance meeting I probably wouldn’t be pursuing my photography career to the extent I am today. ♥