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"If you haven‚Äôt bought this course yet, YOU NEED TO BUY IT! It‚Äôs beginner friendly and takes you straight up to an advanced level. It has absolutely levelled up every part of my journey as a product and brand photographer. I reference it for everything! Amanda is truly amazing and so supportive. She genuinely cares for her students and answers every question you have. 100% recommend it. ūüôĆūüôĆ"
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Go from Zero, to Pro!

Learn Photoshop

15+ Photoshop Tutorials showing you basic-advanced retouching techniques SPECIFIC to product photography. 


Behind The Scenes Tutorials

15+ behind the scenes photoshoot tutorials both in my home studio and out on location showcasing still life and model work! See how I light scenes and work with props!

Pre-Production Principles

Reduce the chances of your clients not loving your work or having to reshoot with my thorough and in-depth pre-production planning tutorials. 

How to Price Your Work

It's no lie that pricing product photography is a BITCH! You'll finally be confident in your pricing, learn the pros and cons between different pricing structures AND have access to my pricing calculator making it much more easy for you to price your work.

What do I put in my Contract?

From day ONE you need a contract (even if you're doing free work). Download my contract template so you don't have to wonder about what to put in your contract and learn the essentials you MUST include if you're doing brand photography.

How to Book Clients

It's not just about the quality of your work, but how well you can market yourself. I've NEVER run a paid ad for my business and I'll teach you how to organically market yourself online. You'll have the confidence to sell, without feeling "salesy".

What my Students Are Saying...

Hey! I'm Amanda!

I'm a commercial brand photographer based in Brisbane. I worked in corporate for 5 years and having been made redundant and fired, I'm finally living my DREAM life shooting for brands and earning WAY more than I was working a 9-5.

In fact, my job has never been more stable working for myself. But I've worked my BUTT off to get here, and I'm going to help YOU do the exact same thing.

This industry can be hard to navigate. There are some things that have taken me months - years to figure out. And I wish I had a mentor when I started.

In my 6 years of experience, I've worked with my DREAM clients like Body Blendz, Bondi Boost, The Quick Flick, Hot Tools, Lust Minerals, Kopari Beauty, Avene, Klorane & HEAPS more.

I've been booked out with work since JAN2018, so I know a thing or two about how to run a sustainable & profitable photography business. 

I can't wait to teach you EVERYTHING I know to help you find success in your photography biz.



Free content will only get you so far and this is an industry where investing in a mentor is MUST if you truly want to grow a PROFITABLE photography business.

This course is DESIGNED to help you book consistent income as brand photographer. You'll make your return on investment after only 2-3 shoots! And I'm here to help you book those 2-3 shoots!

ūüôĆ I'm Ready to Level Up! ūüôĆ

What's Inside the Course...

Learn from other Industry Experts inside the course!

I'm SO pleased to introduce guest contributors to the course so you can learn not only from myself, but other incredible creators in the space!

Ani Captures Light

Ani shares 2 incredible tutorials walking you through step-by-step her Photoshop retouching workflow on how she gets those clean and crisp images!

Haas House

Michael shows you the magic of Capture One as well as his Photoshop retouching workflow and how easy it is to use Actions!



Shae Marcu

With over 10 years retouching experience and working with brands like Nike and Adidas, Shae is sharing some MIND-BLOWING techniques in a 4hr tutorial. You won't find ANYTHING like this anywhere else!


Jess Williamson 

Jess has been a mindset coach for the last 5 years and if I've personally learned anything in business, it's that mindset is EVERYTHING!! Jess shares her wisdom to help you overcome pricing blocks and self-sabotaging behaviours that might be preventing you from growing your biz. 

Sam Germaine 

Sam walks you through his BTS setup and retouching photo for this exact image and how he achieved this stunning final result! The man has MAD skills!



I wish I had someone to ask...

  • How do I price my services?
  • What do I put in my contract?
  • How do I actually book clients? (I legit thought there was some magic formula)
  • How do I achieve this particular type of image? What lighting do I need for it?
  • How do I edit to make my photo look crisp and clean and remove these blue and yellow hues? It's driving me CRAZY!
  • Where do I get that prop from? I've looked EVERYWHERE!
  • How do I attract a higher paying client?
  • How do pitch myself for work and not make it sound salesy?


I've worked ALL these questions out for myself. But it's taken me YEARS! But it doesn't have to take YOU that long...

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The transformation you could have by investing in this course:

  • You'll know how to leverage Instagram for lead generation
  • You'll be confident in SELLING your services every single day which will result in more client bookings
  • You understand that in order to MAKE MONEY you need to SPEND money and by investing in your business, you'll increase your income
  • The quality of your work has skyrocketed and you're finally attracting your dream brands to work with you
  • You no longer work for someone else. YOU are your own boss!
  • You feel STABLE in your job because you finally believe in yourself
  • You know the VALUE of your work and if someone can't afford your prices, you don't discount yourself to meet their budget
  • Brands approach YOU to work with them. You rarely need to pitch yourself.
  • If something doesn't feel right, you decide to say NO to a new enquiry. Your time is precious.

...It's time to DO THE WORK and step up to take control of your life, your business and actually achieve EVERYTHING you want! No more excuses...

Photoshop Techniques SPECIFIC to Product Photography

This is Stephanie's incredible transformation after watching the Photoshop tutorials inside the course. Even if you don't have the best lighting, you can do A LOT inside of Photoshop to really elevate a photo and make it POP! Instead of spending hours searching on Youtube on how to do something, everything is right at your fingertips inside the course. 

The Incredible Results my Students are Getting...

Get Access to an Exclusive Community of Likeminded Photographers

This Facebook group ALONE is worth the price of the course!

This will be a safe space where I will be offering my ongoing support to be there to answer ANY questions you have along your journey as well as to provide further training when I feel my students need it.

There will be questions you need to ask that only another photographer will be able to answer for you. No more trying to figure out the answer for yourself or spending hours googling it.

You'll make friends with other photographers who are in the same space as you to gain feedback on your work or quote before sending it off to a client, to rant to when you have a stressful situation, and to BE THERE to SUPPORT you.

I can't emphasise enough how IMPORTANT it is to build a support network around you.

Your Questions Answered...

Who is this course for?


  • You want to finally have consistent income coming in every month
  • You want to work with brands and take photos of their products either in a studio type setting or out on location
  • You want to improve the quality of your work so that your dream brands are approaching you to work with them
  • You want your brand photography business to be your full-time gig
  • You're ready to INVEST in yourself and PUT IN THE WORK
  • You're someone who loves to create content for brands and promote them on Instagram but you don't get paid for it
  • You wish you had someone to ask questions to at ANY point in time about photography and business

Who this course ISN'T for?

  • You're not willing to invest money in yourself or your business. This is a MUST if you plan to create a sustainable and profitable photography business
  • You don't want to put in the work to build connections and create relationships
  • You're not willing to put yourself out there and show up on a consistent basis
  • You don't want to take the time to learn new skills to improve your photography
  • You view other photographers as pure competition and not as a fellow supporter or friend

Amanda's course 'Become a Brand Photographer' has exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did it go into creating product scenes, lighting, advanced Lightroom and Photoshop editing but also how to generate leads, create contracts and so much more. This course is the one-stop solution that you need if you want to go from a mediocre photographer to becoming a highly paid professional brand photographer!"

- Timo (Student)

So, are you ready to become a professional Brand Photographer?

Got a question? Email me at [email protected].

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