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What you'll get:

  • Hours of behind the scenes, editing and business education to help you build a profitable and sustainable photography business
  • Private Facebook where you can seek tailored advice from myself and the other students (seriously, you can ask ANY question at ANY time and get the answer you need!)
  • Lifetime access with all future upgrades I make being completely FREE to you




Become A Brand Photographer has a 30 day money back guarantee if the course has not provided the learning you're looking for.

If you are applying for a refund, you must provide the following to be eligible:

- Substantial reasoning for wanting a refund detailing the education you found was missing from the course. If you have learned something, you may only receive a partial refund upon review of your progress. 

Given the amount of education inside the course, you will not be eligible for a refund if you watch more than 25% of the content. 

Please note refunds will not be given for the following reasons however:

- Change of mind or change of circumstance (if you have a question about the course please email [email protected] and I'll be more than happy to answer!)

- This course is aimed towards photographers. If you are a product based business wanting to take the course, please be aware that not all education will benefit you. Please ensure you are aware of this before you purchase. Product based businesses are not eligible for a refund.

If you have ANY questions on whether the course will be the right fit, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will give you my honest opinion as to whether I think you will benefit from the education inside. 


What People Are Saying:

Become A Brand Photographer has been one of my best purchases ever! The course itself has not only taught me how to to take trendy product photos but provided me tools to succeed in the business of photography as well. The community that Amanda has built is a HUGE bonus because I've been able to get help from all of the other students in the course as well. Everyone has been super supportive and it feels amazing to be able to get paid for doing creative work - a long time dream of mine!


If you haven’t bought this course yet, YOU NEED TO BUY IT! It’s beginner friendly and takes you straight up to an advanced level. It has absolutely levelled up every part of my journey as a product and brand photographer. I reference it for everything! Amanda is truly amazing and so supportive. She genuinely cares for her students and answers every question you have. 100% recommend it. 🙌🙌


This course is amazing for newbies in photography as well as for those who already work in this niche. There is so many things to learn. Amanda is really motivating person and being in her course I really believed that I can do a lot more and earn a lot more money. I already worked as product photographer for 2 years, but didn’t have that much of joy because all I was shooting were Amazon product Photography. I dreamt about shooting cool still life photos and work with brands and after taking the course I now do! And I’m just enjoying my job as much as I can!


I have absolutely loved this course by Amanda. I have owned it for many months now and I am still not through all the incredible content! To have a course that is always having things added and updated is rare and a huge benefit. I thought I knew a lot before I started the course and I was amazed at how much I was still able to learn! Whenever I'm not sure of something the course is the first place I go to look for answers. This course has been invaluable for my product photography business, I know I wouldn't have the success I do without it!


Amanda's course 'Become a Brand Photographer' has exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did it go into creating product scenes, lighting, advanced Lightroom and Photoshop editing but also how to generate leads, create contracts and so much more. This course is the one-stop solution that you need if you want to go from a mediocre photographer to becoming a highly paid professional brand photographer!


Amanda's course was one that I didn't buy right away. I wasn't sure if it was going to be something I'd find useful. So, I reached out to her and she took the time to answer my questions. Turns out, the course is exactly what I needed! If you're on the fence too, reach out to Amanda and talk with her about your concerns. I know you're going to find her course to be super helpful and relevant!


This photography course is the most helpful tool for everyone who wants to get things on the next level. It has helped me to believe more in my skills and really push myself forward. Honest and very helpful information, regular updates and tons of useful tips. The private community group is awesome!


This is a thorough, all encompassing brand photography course. The modules are easy to follow. Great step by step teachings for any level of experience. The support from Amanda and the community she has built, is amazing. Answers to questions and sharing of resources and techniques are always on hand, with the greatest transparency. This is the first time a course provider has continued to provide more resources and lessons after I have purchased their course. Easily the best course I have invested in. Highly recommend.